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Coming Soon: i-Timesheets v5.3

Posted: 20 June 2012

5.3 new versionIntertec are proud to announce the upcoming release of its world class web timesheets management system, i-Timesheets v5.3.

i-Timesheets version 5.3 features and enhancements are based on feedback from our valued customers and reflects our commitment to ensure i-Timesheets continues to meet your time recording and time tracking requirements. As with existing i-Timesheets functions, these new features have been built with ease of use and flexibility in mind.

Major enhancements

New Manager Reporting Level FunctionalityNew Manager Reporting

Managers now have access to comprehensive reporting functions, allowing them to track their Projects and manage their Staff by providing accurate and timely hours worked,project charge amounts and budget information. Optionally, i-Timesheets can be configured to provide managers with internal cost and profit information in circumstances where this is deemed appropriate.

Project report information will be limited to only the projects the Project Manager has been assigned to. These reports include:

  • Chargeable Project Budget Summary Report
  • Project Cost Report
  • Project Cost and Expense by Week Report
  • Project Cost and Expense by Week For Period Report
  • Project Cost Detail Report
  • Project Cost By Week Report
  • Project Cost Code Report
  • Project Role Report
  • Project Task Report
  • Project Task Budget Report
  • Project Timesheet Report
  • Unchargeable Project Summary Report

Likewise Staff Managers can only view information relating to the staff they manage. Staff Reports include:

  • Staff Cost Report
  • Staff Cost By Week Report
  • Staff Cost Detail Report
  • Staff Summary Report
  • Staff Time Tracking Report
  • Staff Utilisation Summary Report

Staff Managers can also access the Check Timesheets function to view hours recorded by their staff during a time period. They are also able to check if staff have submitted their timesheets for that period.

The new i-Timesheets Management Reporting function is extremely flexible, providing individual Project and Staff reporting functions to be assigned to any existing manager on an “as required” basis. It also provides the ability to delegate a given Manager’s report access to other users, should the need arise. What’s more, i-Timesheets also allows the same Manager to be assigned as both a Project Manager and a Staff Manager allowing them to conduct their Project and Staff management roles in parallel.

i-Timesheets integration with Xeroi-Timesheets integration with Xero Online Accounts

i-Timesheets now integrates with Xero Online Accounting.

Using the new Xero Accounting Integration module, i-Timesheets Administrators can regularly import Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable information into Xero based on invoice data calculated within i-Timesheets.

Linking Customer and Supplier records between i-Timesheets and Xero is easy. Administrators can simply import Xero Customer and Supplier information directly into i-Timesheets at any time.

Employee Time Clock - Attendance & PayrollTime Clock Interface

With i-Timesheets’s Time Clock Interface you can setup a web-based Time Clock on virtually any device that supports an industry standard web browser and is connected to the Internet.

Time Clock Interface features include:

  • Secure numeric pin entry
  • User-friendly interface and confirmation dialogues
  • Support for virtually any Internet connected device that supports an industry standard web browser
  • Integrated with i-Timesheets web time management solution

For more please view the Time Clock Interface page.

New Project Timesheet ReportNew Project Timesheet Report

The new Project Timesheet Report presents timesheet data for times recorded by Staff on one or more Projects. Report data can be limited by a date range, with the option to select multiple Staff and multiple Projects on which to report.

This new report provides an excellent way to produce multiple hardcopy timesheets based on user selection criteria.

New i-Timesheets Visual SkinsNew i-Timesheets Colour Schemes

In version 5.3, we've added even more colour schemes to allow you to further customise the way i-Timesheets looks, giving you the ability to more closely align i-Timesheets with your own corporate "look and feel".

Have a look at the new "Image Series" colour schemes. These schemes have more subtle colourings and use high quality background images to portray a given theme, identity or brand.

Perhaps you have a particular image that you would like to use for the background instead of our standard offerings? If so, we are more than happy to assist with your individual corporate identity and branding needs. Please contact our support centre to discuss your needs.


Integration with the latest MYOB releases

i-Timesheets v5.3 will integrate with MYOB’s latest suite of AccountRight and AccountingEdge products for both the Australian and New Zealand versions of MYOB.

New Versions supported:

  • MYOB AccountRight 2011
  • MYOB AccountRight Plus 2011
  • MYOB AccountRight Standard 2011
  • MYOB AccountingEdge 2011


  • Handling multiple email addresses on the Staff and Manager screens has been improved.
  • Improved behaviour in timesheet authorisation staff email processing. If email recipients do not have an email address, then authorisors will be notified that they will need to contact the staff member in another way.
  • The Chargeable Project Budget Summary Report has been enhanced to include Expense information.
  • For systems setup to use Staff based Authorisation, the Manager Authorisation screen now displays Project descriptions for any Expense items that are listed.
  • The existing Lockdown Date validation rules, previously applied to restrict the editing of individual time and expense records, or unlocking of timesheets, has been extended to other i-Timesheets processes that can affect time and expense records, such as the deletion of a Project and the making of Bulk Changes on the Staff Projects screen. The Lock Down date must now be adjusted before Project deletions and Bulk Changes are made, to be earlier than any affected data, thus providing another layer of protection for your valuable i-Timesheets data.
  • An additional Time Entry Configuration option has been added to the system, so that you are now able to prevent the pre-selection of the last used values on the Time and Expense entry screens.
  • The Project, Staff Projects and Project Tasks admin screens now remember your current Staff and Project selections when navigating between these screens.


  • Corrected the misalignment of first heading on the MYOB and QuickBooks Activity Slips and Time Sheets export:
  • Improved Expense entry screen code to prevent data write issue if expense screen is opened in one window and user changes the default period in a second window within the same session.
  • Improved login/logout behaviours in the Compact Interface.
  • Improved date format validation controls.
  • Addressed rounding issue in the total on the Expense entry screen.